Paper Drawing # 14 (SKMU)

Paper Drawing # 14
SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand
Suported by Cultiva Ekspress

Info from SKMU
In recent years Marit Roland has worked with large paper installations. These are site-specific and temporary, created for specific exhibition spaces.Her creative principles are simple: one or many sheets of white paper are folded, rolled, cut or shaped into cones to create complex works. At SKMU, the cones radiate outwards from a given point and create a works that exudes dynamism and movement. Calling this “drawing” may seem paradoxical, but with her minimalist starting point, it is as if Roland is drawing the room itself, instead of using pencil on a flat piece of paper.

In 2015 Sørlandets Kunstmuseum marks its 20th anniversary through a series of celebratory events. It is natural to give
our exhibition program a regional focus. Some of the museum’s most important tasks are to do research on regional art,
to make it accessible to the public, and to stimulate the local art scene. This summer we open a large scale exhibition with works by living artists who have an affiliation with Sørlandet.We have invited 33 artists working in or coming from our region, several of them working internationally. Spanning over several generations of artists using a multitude of artistic media, this will give the visitors an idea of what’s going on on the art scene here.